Briefly in English

We, lovely women, were not created to fit in one mould. MGR is a brand which inspires you to renew yourself and discover fresh moods and feelings within yourself. MGR lives for jewellery and each product is handcrafted and individually designed. The jewellery combine playful retro, rock attitude and contemporary design. Feel free to change your mind, mood and style with Merry. The collections and products are constantly renewed, so it is worthwhile to visit us every once in a while.

Behind the Merry-Go-Round brand is Henna Soronen who combines the Northern legacy and the dreams of the world. With her photographer’s eyes, the longing for beauty and the help of friends, Henna digs out the core and feelings of the world, which are then transformed into MGR design products in the artist’s hands. Other passions of Merry include photography, music, cities, living and being.

Our products are sold in shops across Finland. Please contact us and tell us where you live and we will email you the information of your nearest retailer. But what if I don´t live in Finland, can I still order from you? Yes you can, but please contact us before the purchase for the shipping costs.

If you have a nice shop that would like to have Merry´s treasures as a part of their collection, do not hesitate to contact us! We are always open for new retailers. If you would like to have a brochure and know more about our prices please send your contact details to design.merrygoround(at)

Don’t grow up, live life to the fullest and jump on the carousel with us!